Gone Girl

This is an extract of a synopsis taken from WellRead. You can read the full synopsis of this book and find other, alternative, summaries here.

This is a book of two halves. First, we are lured into the world of Nick Dunne on the day that his wife goes missing. There is a pool of blood in the kitchen and no sign of Amy. There is a coldness about the description of the house and the relationship. Soon, like the police, the reader believes that Nick is the obvious suspect. There are a lot of pointers to Nick being the murderer, with a lot of forensic evidence. Despite the fact he is constantly protesting his innocence, his actions suggest that he has indeed killed his aloof wife. He acts inappropriately in front of the media and soon becomes the dislikeable character. Amy is the perfect woman. She is the Amazing Amy from a series of books written by her parents. Every aspect of her childhood was recorded in one of the books, made even more perfect by the way that her parents wrote about her. The books were so popular that her disappearance causes a major news event. We soon learn that everything that we discovered in the first part of the book is not quite as it seems. The novel unravels the events from Amy’s perspective, from the early days of her relationship through to the present. This book is clever and stylish in its use of character perspective, as it alternates between the stories. Flynn uses authorial point of view to drop in a series of surprises and to frustrate the reader, on behalf of her characters. This culminates in a dramatic ending when the two narratives converge and Amy is clearly out to destroy Nick!


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