Start With Why

This is an extract of a synopsis taken from WellRead. You can read the full synopsis of this book and find other, alternative, summaries here.

A compelling title with a comprehensive insight about questions that a person sitting at the top of the management could ask himself about the direction the company is heading. The book glues its readers like a magnet for the first few chapters as Sinek explains why some people are so loyal to their companies or customers to major brands likewise. The book starts to go off the reading radar once it becomes clear that the author is only interested in publishing stories of people who have put these ideas to practice and have either succeeded or failed miserably. As a book is not over until you have read the last page, I kept reading only to realize that I could have skipped the last half.

Sinek’s message is simple, “Start with Why” and a clear indication that every action should make people think why and not the what or how. The book has the fundamental ideas on what makes companies what they are. The “Why” theory is at the centre of discussion and it give the author a considerable time to explain the importance of believing in things before doing them. The large repetition of examples about Apple or Southwest may start to overwhelm the readers. The amount of time invested in research before writing this book is commendable but I wouldn’t suggest someone to burn his night candle reading the second half of the book as the overall idea is clearly in the first half.


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