Lee Child – Make Me (Jack Reacher)

A short summary of Make Me, taken from WellRead.

Make Me is set in a place called Mother’s Rest. Reacher is drawn to the town by the name and really only expects to spend a day in the town. It turns out to be much longer when none of the locals will speak to him and then he meets an ex-FBI, now Private Investigator, Chang who is on the lookout for her colleague Keever. Keever has been killed and is buried beneath a pig farm. Reacher is intrigued by the secrets and the silence and agrees to help Chang in her investigation. During the investigation, they discover the names of a journalist Westwood, who deals with conspiracy theories. Reacher and Chang travel to Los Angeles to speak to Westwood, who leads them to Peter McCann from Chicago. They discover that McCann has gone missing, just at the point when they have to avoid a hitman who tries to kill them both. They decide they have hit upon something big. The hitman leads them to a Ukrainian mastermind: Merchenko who is running the security for someone who lives in Mother’s Rest. Reacher kills the mastermind outside his club. The pair return to Westwood and between them they discover that McCann was the father of Michael, a man with a terminal condition who had gone missing. Westwood using his contact with a hacker to uncover a website on the deep web, where you can receive euthanasia services. The pig farm at Mother’s Rest is the site of the euthanasia company. Reacher and Chang raid the company and discover it is a film set and that those signing up to die with the company are in fact made the stars of hideous snuff films. After wiping out the company, Chang and Reacher spend some time together, relaxing.


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